how to edit photos with phone

Lightroom Mobile App has so many features and it’s completely free. The coolest feature is Lightroom Presets because it basically allows a professional photographer to set the settings for you. Especially if you apply Premium Lightroom Presets, you can turn your everyday photos into PRO within seconds. 

What are some things that you can do with Lightroom Mobile App? 

You can change colors, add or reduce noise, make your skin silky smooth, increase sharpness, add clarity or simply make your photos POP. Lightroom mobile app is free of charge with plenty of useful options available. Most importantly, you can quickly install and use Lightroom Presets that make all the difference in your photo editing. 

How to Take Great Photos?

Before we start, it’s important to talk about how to take good mobile photos in the first place. In order to avoid making too many tweaks after you have applied your presets, you need to shoot in good lighting (for example, natural light). 

Also, you will most probably want to avoid situations that reflect a color cast. One of the ways to avoid that is to shoot next to neutral color backgrounds, e.g. white gravel. 

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TIP #1: Is Your Photo Too Dark?

Lighting is very important in photography and it’s better to get it right when shooting. However, sometimes it’s not possible. We usually take photos in different lighting conditions. That’s why some photos will be darker and others lighter. However, do not worry, because that can easily be fixed with exposure. The most important thing is that you can still edit it after. 

Even if you do apply the best presets in the world, you might still need to tweak the exposure to make the photo look the way you want it. All you have to do is to upload the photo to Lightroom and slightly turn the exposure to the light and left. 

TIP #2: Did Your Photo Lose All the Details?

Reduce highlights. Sometimes if the photo is too bright, you will not be able to see the clouds or your skin will look unnatural. This can be quickly fixed by simply turning your highlights down. 

TIP #3: Does Your Skin Look Orange?

Sometimes your skin can get unwanted orange tones. You can easily fix that by going to the Color Mix, clicking on the orange color and reducing its saturation. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it or your photo will not look natural. 

There are a couple of other things that I would like to mention the saturation slider. In short, this slider simply allows you to choose the intensity of each color. When it comes to images indoors, you will most probably want to get rid of the unwanted yellow tones. You can do that by decreasing the saturation. Also, if you want those parts to look a little lighter, you can increase the luminance.

For the outdoor pictures, you may want to decrease the green saturation and make it a little darker. You could also choose a tint that is closer to blueish green.  

TIP #4: How to Make Your Skin Silky Smooth?

If you want to make your skin look smoother, you can easily do that via the Lightroom Mobile app. All you have to do is to go to the effects and reduce clarity.

However, if you want to take your mobile retouching a step further, I personally like to use the “Airbrush” app. There are plenty of free features on this application. You can easily smoothen your skin. On top of that, you can add makeup and even freckles. Just make sure to keep it minimal or it will turn out funny. Subtlety is key in such cases. 

TIP #5: White Balance

Lightroom Presets are created to adjust everything from the photo’s clarity to its colors. However, sometimes your skin tones can be affected in the process. Don’t worry, there’s a quick and easy fix for that!

By making sure your white balance is spot on, you will achieve the most natural-looking skin tones. Go to the basic panel and click on the white balance eye-dropper. It will set a new neutral in the image and adjust the rest of the colors accordingly. 

Do I need Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets have a lot more options than just changing exposure or white balance. Advanced Lightroom Presets will make sure that all of the colors are on point. It will create a trendy and fresh look that will make your photos look professional, even if you took them with your phone.