top presets for mobile

Premium Lightroom presets transform your everyday photos to PRO with a couple of clicks. If you have never tried advanced Lightroom filters, you can download free presets here.

Professional photographers use Lightroom presets to shorten their editing time. Also, presets help them to keep their style consistent. Instagram influencers love Lightroom presets because they most definitely draw the viewer’s eye.

Instagram is a highly visual platform so the right editing most definitely makes it or breaks it on your account. You could have the best captions in the world but if your photos aren’t on point, it will simply not work.

Achieving the right look takes a lot of time learning, a preset is like a shortcut that allows you to edit your photos in a professional way from day one.

So, let me introduce TOP 5 Lightroom Presets that have already won 123Presets clients hearts:

Minimal Presets

There is nothing like Minimal presets. Everyone loves them. They make your photos brighter, higher contrast and gives them the so wanted magazine look!

One free Minimal Preset here.

Get your own Minimal Presets.

Minimal presets are special because they focus only on a few colors. This allows you to see your photos from a new perspective and highlight the best features. It also brightens the images and gives them a clean and airy look.

One more special thing about Minimal presets is that it works really well with all skin tones. Many times presets add an unnatural orange tone to your skin that you later need to manually fix it. Not this one! These presets make sure that your skin tones are silky smooth and beautiful.

Bali Presets

The stunning deep green color is the main attribute of these presets. Enhanced skin tones and higher contrast in each and every photo.