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Let’s take a quick look at TOP 5 free lightroom mobile presets. All of these presets serve a specific purpose., e.g. brighter and higher contrast photos, deep green tones, warm and sunny images or tan and fashionable tones.

Free mobile presets give you a chance to take a glimpse at what photo editing with advanced filters can really do. Premium presets include multiple sets of presets. Same look and style achieved on different photos and lighting conditions.

What’s Special About Premium Presets?

Professional Lightroom presets are different from the free ones because they include:

  • Multiple Presets
  • More Complex & Professional Edit
  • Most Wanted & Trendiest Colors
  • Professional Quality
  • Saves Time While Editing

Transform your everyday photography today! Click here and choose Lightroom presets that will change how you edit your photos forever. By the way, they work perfectly on mobile photos as well!

Minimal Preset

Bright, high contrast and stylish photos. Minimal presets has been always loved by photographers. Small differences that make a huge difference!

Increased clarity will highlight every detail. From your clothing to the eyes, this preset makes your photo look PRO immediately.

  • Get rid of yellow tones
  • Make your skin tan and silky smooth
  • Add high contrast and clarity
  • Brighten the images

Download free Minimal preset here.

Buy premium Minimal preset here.

Bali Preset

Inspired by Bali itself, this preset’s main focus are only a few colors: green and orange. Lots of white space and slightly enhanced colors create a calm and relaxing feeling.

Bali preset is all about deep green tones and increased vibrancy. Make your photos tanner and more beautiful. Natural-looking photos with a touch of saturation. Brighter whites and deeper contrast.

  • Deep dark greens with a blueish tone
  • Brighter colors and increased contrast
  • Stunning skin tones
  • Get rid of yellow tones

Bring the holiday spirit to your everyday photos with Bali mobile presets!

Download free Bali preset here.

Buy premium preset here.

Sunset Preset

Make your photos magical with a couple of clicks!

Sunset preset will blow you away with its colors! Golden hour favorite colors: tan, pink, and purple tones. These presets will make everyone look gorgeous! If you love to make your photos POP, Sunset preset is most definitely for you.

  • Orange, tan, pink, and purple tones
  • Brighter and higher contrast images
  • Added vibrancy

Create a dreamy, pink and out of this world kind of feeling with sunset preset.

Download free Sunset preset here.

Buy premium Sunset preset here.

Vintage Style Preset

Take your photos to a different century! Vintage preset creates a dreamy movie look. Less saturated colors, tan skin tones, and higher clarity images. Vintage Style preset is one of the latest trends on Instagram. People love the slightly washed-out look.

  • Less saturated colors
  • Smooth and silky skin tones
  • Sharper and with added clarity images

Download free Vintage Style preset here.

Buy premium Vintage Dream preset here.

White Preset

White preset achieves high contrast through white whites and tan tones. Stylish summer look is guaranteed with this preset! White mobile preset is one of the most popular presets among Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers.

It’s not a secret that Instagram’s main focus is visual. Well, this preset simply sets you apart and makes your every day photos special with just a click.

  • Tan skin tones
  • Fresh white color with a blue undertone
  • Professional image look

Download free White preset here.

Buy premium White Vibes preset here.

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How to Install Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are created to be used with a professional Lightroom mobile app. Whether you have an android or iPhone phone, these free presets will work perfectly with your everyday photos.

If you have never used Lightroom Presets before, you most definitely want to check out this guide. Learn how to install and use Lightroom presets quickly. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android the installation process is pretty simple.

Check out this video to find out more information: